Double Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine

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Apr 6, 20234922

Double Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine

This is a premium double chamber vacuum machine with high efficiency and stable performance. You can use it to vacuum and seal solid, liquid, powder products, fresh fruit, meat, medicine, electronics, etc. Automatic operation for the whole process, with superpower pump and sealing bars on two sides. Larger vacuum space for putting more products on it and no air leakage. With this machine, you will never worry about worms, mold, water, etc.

This vacuum sealer machine has the function of vacuuming and sealing to prolong the preservation period. The effective sealing size (Length x Width) is 24x18 inch/600x455 mm.

Unlike the single chamber machine, our double independent working chambers provide you a two-fold sealing efficiency with its considerable strengths.

Vacuum Pump Rate: 40 m3/h, Machine Power: 2000 W. This professional vacuum sealer machine is equipped with a pure copper transformer and vacuum pump for high work efficiency.

This stainless steel vacuum packaging machine boasts uncountable considerate details, highlighted with an intelligent control panel for easy operation. It will automatically complete the vacuuming and sealing.

This double chamber vacuum packing machine is perfect for sealing foods, medicines, aquatic products, chemical raw materials, electronic components, and other items.


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