Distillation Tester-Membrane Switch

Label:Distillation, Crude Oil, Thermometer, Corrosion Resistant

Nov 20, 20206200

Distillation Tester-Membrane Switch

This instrument is suitable for detecting the distillation of crude oil. During operation, a certain amount of sample is distilled under prescribed conditions suitable for its properties. Observe the thermometer readings and the volume of condensate systematically, and then calculate and report the results based on these data.

Main Features:

◆ The instrument adopts intelligent integrated design, reasonable design and convenient operation

◆ Integral lifting structure is adopted, and the heating furnace is easy to adjust for rising and falling

◆ The condensate tank is made of stainless steel, durable and corrosion resistant

◆ The condensate tank has automatic temperature control function, with higher temperature control accuracy

◆ The power of the heating electric furnace can be adjusted continuously through the control panel adjustment knob to meet different experimental requirements

◆ The heating power is 1000W, and the heating temperature is continuously adjusted