Defibrillator and Monitor-Membrane Switch

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Oct 27, 202014480

Defibrillator and Monitor-Membrane Switch

As an important first-aid equipment, the defibrillator monitor is one of the indispensable first-aid equipment in emergency rescue centers, emergency departments of various hospitals at all levels, ICU, CCU, operating rooms and other medical institutions and other accident rescue scenes.

The basic composition of a defibrillator monitor:

The defibrillator consists of five parts: storage, discharge, energy display, ECG monitor, and system control.

Due to the special emergency in the use scene, the defibrillation monitor needs to have a certain advantage in the ease of operation, otherwise it may cause accidents due to improper use. In short, it is to be user-friendly.

Imagine that if the button design on the panel is too simple or too complicated, then the user may misunderstand the actual function of the button. If the correct operation is done one second earlier, it is more likely to save a life. The design of the indicator light on the instrument is the same. It is necessary to correctly convey the usage status of the instrument to help the user take correct measures.

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