Crude Fiber Analyzer-Membrane Switch

Label:Acid-base Digestion, Crude Fiber, Ethanol

Dec 3, 202017000

Crude Fiber Analyzer-Membrane Switch

The crude fiber analyzer adopts the principle of acid-base digestion method. Even if the sample is digested under special conditions, ethanol is used to remove the content, and the minerals are removed after high temperature burning. Fiber analyzer is widely used in grain, feed and other agricultural and sideline products.

The crude fiber analyzer uses fixed acid and alkali, digests the sample under specific conditions, and then uses ether and ethanol to remove the ether soluble matter. After high temperature burning, the amount of minerals is deducted, and the remaining amount is the crude fiber.

The crude fiber analyzer is integrated with acid-base treatment and washing. It adopts a fully enclosed structure and uses electric heating to directly heat up six samples. The samples do not need to be transferred during operation and can decompose the crude fiber in the substance. At the same time, it can be adjusted individually according to the required temperature, so as to achieve the purpose of accurate and rapid measurement. In the operation process, there is timing control and no harmful substances overflow. Therefore, the reliability and accuracy of the test data are guaranteed during the whole test process, and the surrounding environment will not be polluted, which ensures the smooth progress of the experiment.


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