Crack Indicator-Membrane Switch

Label:Crack Indicator, Ferromagnetic Metals, LED Indicator

Dec 15, 2020177428

Crack Indicator-Membrane Switch
The crack indicator is used to detect the location and depth of surface crack defects caused by fatigue, corrosion and natural processes in ferromagnetic metals, non-ferromagnetic metals and alloy materials.

The working principle of the instrument is to measure the leakage magnetic field in the crack area. It can complete the function of traditional magnetic particle inspection without cleaning the metal surface, without manual magnetization and magnetic suspension consumables.

Place the indicator on the detection surface, press the calibration button, the instrument will automatically perform calibration, and the detection can be performed. When the sensor passes through the crack, the instrument will send out sound and light alarm signals, and the size of the crack can be evaluated according to the LED indicator on the instrument.

Main Features:

1. A comprehensive crack tester integrating crack depth and width measurement;
2. Both automatic and manual interpretation functions for crack depth and width measurement, easy to operate;
3. There are three modes of real-time automatic identification of crack width, manual interpretation, and manual interpretation of electronic rulers to ensure accurate interpretation of fine cracks.


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