Contact Angle Meter-Membrane Switch

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Dec 21, 2020213010

Contact Angle Meter-Membrane Switch

The contact angle meter is mainly used to measure the contact angle of liquid to solid, that is, the wettability of liquid to solid. This instrument can measure the contact angle of various liquids to various materials. This instrument plays a very important role in the scientific research and production of petroleum, printing and dyeing, medicine, spraying, mineral processing and other industries.

It is widely used in various industries. In the fields of mobile phone manufacturing, glass manufacturing, surface treatment, materials research, chemistry and chemical engineering, semiconductor manufacturing, coatings and inks, electronic circuits, textile fibers, and medical biology, contact angle measurement has become an important instrument for evaluating surface performance.

Main Features:

1.Standard CCD camera + advanced camera system
2.Video magnification: 20~200 times
3.Magnification method: continuous zoom
4.Field of view range: up to 12X8 (mm) image resolution: 768X576X24 bits
5.The world's leading adjustable brightness cold light LED light source, the edge of the image is more clearly distinguished.
6.Adopt shielding technology, real-time and measurement can be converted mutually under the same interface. That is, the image can be frozen under the real-time window and can be measured directly without changing the interface, which is convenient and increases real-time.
7.Using snapshot technology, the images are first stored in chronological order, and then the thumbnails are used for browsing, and the best image is selected for measurement. The sampling speed can reach up to 25 frames per second.
8.Droplet volume The volume of the droplet can be obtained by the micro-injector.


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