Color Analyzer-Membrane Switch

Label:Industrial Machine, Liquid Crystal Displays, Background Projector, Color Adjustment

Dec 16, 202015648

Color Analyzer-Membrane Switch
The color analyzer is an industrial machine that can measure the brightness and chromaticity of liquid crystal displays and various other display devices at the fastest speed of 20 times per second. Perform color adjustment, inspection, and quality management white balance inspection on measurement objects such as LCD, PDP, OLED, background projector, FED.

It can perform color adjustment, inspection, and quality management of measurement objects such as liquid crystal panels, liquid crystal monitors, and liquid crystal TVs that adopt the operation drive method. Check and adjust the white balance. Adjust and check the brightness coefficient. Adjust the contrast.

Main Features:

1.High-speed gamma measurement;
2.Equipped with matrix correction function;
3.Adopt special optical system;
4.Can measure flicker status (using LCD flicker measuring detector).


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