Circuit Breaker Characteristic Tester-Membrane Switch

Label:Reliability of Electricity Use, Control and Protection, Circuit Breaker, Vacuum Switches, Oil Switches

Oct 22, 202013240

Circuit Breaker Characteristic Tester-Membrane Switch

With the development of society, people have higher and higher requirements for the safety and reliability of electricity use. High-voltage circuit breakers are responsible for the dual tasks of control and protection in the power system, and their performance is directly related to the safe operation of the power system. The mechanical characteristic parameter is one of the important parameters to judge the performance of the circuit breaker.

This instrument provides convenience for the dynamic analysis of various circuit breakers, and can detect SF6 switches, GIS combined electrical appliances, vacuum switches, oil switches, pole switches, contactors, etc. Built-in fast micro printer can print test data and graphs.


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