Charging Cranking System Tester for Car

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May 24, 20231900

Charging Cranking System Tester for Car

About this item

Automotive Car Battery Tester - As one of the most cost-effective products of KONNWEI, it's a perfect Christmas gift. KW208 can test all 12V 100-2000CCA batteries including regular flooded, AGM flat plate, AGM spiral, or gel batteries. Provide overall analysis of batteries’ health and help you know their status in advance before it dies. KW208 battery tester support cranking and charging system test also alternator and starter test.

Display Overall Batteries Data - KW208 12V Battery Load Tester gives you the basic battery parameters such as voltage, internal resistance, cold cranking amp and AH capacity, battery health and charge status. Additionally, battery cca tester will also show you professional advice whether to replace or charge the battery.

>99.5% Accuracy - Thanks to KW208’s powerful and smart chip, it provides more than 99.5% precise testing reports within milliseconds(testing results refer to US Midtronics), greatly improved the testing speed compared to other battery testers.

Plug and Play - KW208 Battery load analyzer allows you to test batteries both in-vehicle and out-of-vehicle, and even test dead batteries. Just connect the tester’s clips with battery then it will turn on and ready to test and analyze battery. It’s that easy!

Starter& Alternator Tester - KW208 not only a great battery load tester that tests batteries cranking & charging system but also can test alternator's charging and starter's cranking conditions. And it can switch up to 8 languages for different needs.

Strong Capacity: Works on 12V batteries, battery ratings from 100 - 2200 CCA, including starter and alternator tester;

Test Multiple Battery Types: regular flooded, AGM flat plate, AGM spiral and gel; Test standards: CCA, BCI, CA, MCA, JIS, DIN, IEC, EN, SAE;

Support both in-vehicle and out-of-vehicle test, no need to remove the battery;

Battery Health Test, Cranking Test & Charging Test

Test result: SOH, SOC, CCA value, CCA rating, voltage, internal resistance, etc;

Provide reliable results within seconds, accurancy up to 99.9%; display suggestion according to the testing results (Good, Recharge, Replace), detects bad cells directly;

Polarity reverses connection protection;

Support 8 languages: English, Russian, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, etc.

Suitable for automobile factory, garage, auto battery manufacturer, and DIY enthusiasts, etc.


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