Bone Density Tester-Membrane Switch

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Dec 4, 202016482

Bone Density Tester-Membrane Switch

The bone densitometer is a medical testing instrument that measures human bone minerals and obtains various related data. The result data of the bone densitometer test is mainly based on the T value, and also includes the Z value, bone density, bone mass and other data. The bone densitometer uses double The result of X-ray test is more accurate.

This instrument can measure the bone mass of any part of the body with high accuracy and less harm to the human body. The radiation dose of detecting a part is equal to 1/30 of a chest radiograph and 1% of QCT. There is no problem of radioactive source decay.

Main Features:

1. Parallelism manual calibration, real-time prompt of probe placement position;
2. Double probe detection, covering all age groups;
3. High-definition LCD screen displays expanded content, membrane switch, easy to operate.


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