Blood Pressure Monitor-Membrane Switch

Label:Automatic Monitors, Accurate Readings, Customizable Controls, Screen

Oct 16, 202010600

Blood Pressure Monitor-Membrane Switch

There are a variety of blood pressure monitors available today. Some of the most common are the automatic monitors that take quick, accurate readings and eliminate human error. 

They often have easy to read numbers, dedicated, customizable controls, and reusable cuffs. Disposable cuffs are also available and might be better suited for certain environments.

Digital monitors are more popular for measuring blood pressure. They often are easier to use than aneroid units. The digital monitor has a gauge and stethoscope in one unit. It also has an error indicator. The blood pressure reading displays on a small screen. This may be easier to read than a dial. Some units even have a paper printout that gives you a record of the reading.


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