Blood Cell Analyzer-Membrane Switch

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Oct 19, 202010220

Blood Cell Analyzer-Membrane Switch

The basic structure of the blood cell analyzer is mainly composed of mechanical systems, electrical systems, and optical systems.

1. Mechanical system

The mechanical system includes mechanical devices (such as sampling needle components, syringe components, mixers, blood separators, volumetric measuring tubes, etc.) and vacuum pumps to complete the suction, dilution, transmission, mixing of the sample and move the sample into the corresponding test At the same time, the liquid path system is the core part of the mechanical system, which mainly includes the sensor part, the colorimetric cell part, the hemolytic agent adding and mixing part, the dilution part, the volume measurement part, the vacuum part, the pressure part and the auxiliary part.

2. Electrical system

The electrical system consists of the main power supply, main control panel, various circuit control boardls (power drive board, analog amplifier board, key board, recorder drive board, volume measurement board, switching power supply board, power indicator board, etc.), and temperature control system , Display, monitoring and alarm system, etc.

3.Optical system

The optical system is mainly composed of a blood cell detection system and a hemoglobin detection system. Blood cell detection systems mainly include electrical impedance detection technology and light scattering detection technology. The electrical impedance detection technology system is composed of detectors, amplifiers, discriminators, threshold regulators, detection counting systems and automatic compensation devices; the flow-type light scattering detection technology system consists of laser light sources, detection devices and detectors, amplifiers, discriminators, and thresholds It is composed of regulator, detection counting system and automatic compensation device. The hemoglobin detection system is composed of light source, lens, filter, flow colorimetric cell and photoelectric sensor.


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