Biological Safety Cabinet-Membrane Switch

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Nov 5, 202012520

Biological Safety Cabinet-Membrane Switch

The biological safety cabinet is a box-type air purification negative pressure safety device that can prevent some dangerous or unknown biological particles from aerosols from escaping during the experimental operation and processing. It is widely used in scientific research, teaching, clinical testing and production in the fields of microbiology, biomedicine, genetic engineering, biological products, etc. It is the most basic safety protection equipment in the first-level protective barrier in laboratory biosafety.

Biological safety cabinets generally consist of two parts: a box and a bracket. The cabinet part mainly includes the following structures:

1. Air Filtration System
2. External exhaust air box system
3. Sliding front window drive system
4. Illumination light source and ultraviolet light source
5. On the control panel, there are devices such as power supply, ultraviolet lamp, lighting lamp, fan switch, and control the movement of the front glass door. The main function is to set and display the system status.


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