Automatic Inkjet Printing Machine-Membrane Switch

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Oct 22, 202013442

Automatic Inkjet Printing Machine-Membrane Switch

The automatic inkjet printer mainly prints patterns, text and numbers on the surface of various objects. It is a high-tech product of electromechanical integration. Since the ink droplet only changes in the vertical direction, it is necessary to make the printed object correspond to the nozzle.

Features of automatic inkjet printer:
1. Economical and efficient, simple to operate, healthy and environmentally friendly, and convenient to maintain.
2. The machine can be connected to a custom database to print various numbers and barcodes to achieve anti-counterfeiting function.
3. One-key boot, simple ink cartridge replacement, sealed ink supply system, ink will not leak.
4. Low-cost operation mode, no need to add any mixed solvent, greatly saving the cost of consumables.
5. The print head will not be blocked in a long-term standby state, and the print can be printed after turning on the machine.
6. One machine with multiple functions, can realize dot matrix and physical font printing, as well as large and small characters printing.

7.Multi function keys on the membrane control panel with readable LCD screen.


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