Automatic Computer Stripping Machine-Membrane Switch

Label:Electromechanical, Automobile and Motorcycle, LCD Screen, High Accuracy

Oct 22, 202013160

Automatic Computer Stripping Machine-Membrane Switch
Automatic Computer Stripping Machine, integrated with electromechanical and microcomputer, is a fully-automatic CNC equipment that introduces advanced technology from Japan and Taiwan. Widely used in wiring harness processing of various products such as electronics industry, automobile and motorcycle industry, electrical appliances, motors, lamps, toys, etc. Suitable wire stripping materials include PVC, Teflon, silica gel, glass fiber, etc.

Fully automatic computer wire stripping machine adopts touch LCD screen and human dialogue mode. It has the main characteristics of beautiful appearance, simple operation, convenient maintenance, stable performance, fast speed and high accuracy. The length of the wire can be set arbitrarily, and can be modified at will according to customer requirements. It can strip a variety of wires from 28# and thickest to 10#. Special devices are also equipped with paired flat wires, sheathed wires, power wires and casings, etc. The front cutting function can be equipped with active pay-off machines, take-up machines and inkjet printers.


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