Anemometer-Membrane Switch

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Oct 10, 2020166210

Anemometer-Membrane Switch

Air velocity meters, commonly called anemometers, are used to measure the speed and/or volume of air movement. Typically, anemometers are used with weather stations to determine the speed of wind. However, anemometers are also critical instruments for applications such as balancing forced hot air HVAC systems, the analysis of ventilation systems, aerodynamics testing, and fume hood verification. In fact, any application in which the movement of air is a primary concern can benefit from a quality anemometer.

As with many modern instruments, some anemometers include advanced features and functions such as data logging and communications which allow data to be stored on the instrument or shared with computers for reports and graphic representation amd also use membrane switch as the control panel.

An anemometer is an instrument for measuring air velocity. There are many types of it. The most commonly used wind cup anemometer in meteorological stations is the sensing part of three parabolic cones and empty cups fixed on the bracket at 120° each other. The concave surfaces of the empty cups all face one direction. The whole sensing part is installed on a vertical rotating shaft. Under the action of wind, the wind cup rotates around the shaft at a speed proportional to the wind speed.

Main Advantages:

1. Small size, little interference to the flow field;
2. Wide application range. It can be used not only for gas but also for liquid, and can be used in subsonic, transonic and supersonic flow of gas;
3. High measurement accuracy and good repeatability. The disadvantage of the hot wire anemometer is that the probe has a certain interference to the flow field, and the hot wire is easily broken;
4. In addition to measuring average speed, it can also measure pulsation and turbulence; in addition to measuring unidirectional motion, it can also measure velocity components in multiple directions at the same time.


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