18L 900W Stainless Steel Autoclave Steam Sterilizer

Label:Stainless Steel, Autoclave Steam Sterilizer

May 17, 20234462

18L 900W Stainless Steel Autoclave Steam Sterilizer

Safety Device - Avoild overheat protect device: when inter temperature overheat, power break electric current automatically.

Pressure Adjustment - The machine can automatically adjust the pressure, when the pressure exceeds the standard value automatically exhaust for regulation. Ensure a safe pressure range.

Complete Accessories - Package Includes: 1*main body, 1*rack, 1*trays holder, 2*trays, 1*exhaust tube.

Efficient & Fast - SterlliIzation time : 121℃ 30Min /134℃ 10Min.

Temp Control - The machine adopts chip control technology and is equipped with an external pressure valve, which can visually detect the operation status of the machine.


1. After the completion of use. Please to wait for 10 minutes. Before open the DOOR (Do not close the power switch and close the steam emissions switch).

2. Before each use.Must supply water 800ml. (Distilled water is the bast).

3. Please close steam emissions switch. Before use.

4. Do not use any corrosive or chemical water as the detergent.

5. Do not share the same electricoutllet with other electrical apparetus.

6. Please pay attention to correct voltage and frequency.

7. Connect steam exhaust pipe with the steam vent, Before operation.


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