100N Push Pull Force Gauge Force Tester Meter

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Apr 4, 20232802

100N Push Pull Force Gauge Force Tester Meter


1. Digital display push-pull force meter is a small, simple, multi-functional and high-precision push and pull test instrument
2. Widely used in electronic appliances, construction hardware, light industrial textiles, auto parts, lighters and other ignition devices, fire equipment, pen making Push-pull load, insertion force test, destructive test of locks, fishing gear, chemical industry, power machinery, scientific research institutions and other industries.
3. The digital display has high resolution, fast sampling speed, and easy to use. It is a new generation of high-efficiency and high-precision push-pull test instrument.


1. High precision and high resolution;
2. Three measurement mode for selection(Real time、Peak、First peak);
3. N(Newton),Kg (Kilogram) , Lb (Pound) and Oz(Ounce) four units for selection and conversion.
4. Setting function of gravity acceleration----User can input at your option the accurate value of gravity acceleration at the using place so as to make the testing and unit conversion be more accurate.
5. Upper and lower limits can be set for statistic analysis. The buzzer will alarm if exceeding the limits.
6. Minimum force value shielding function: the data within the set minimum range can be shielded;
7. Automatic shutdown function: The automatic shutdown time can be set, and the automatic shutdown can achieve a point saving effect when there is no operation for a long time.


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