JRPanel For Global Customers

JRPanel provides one-stop Membrane Switches / Graphic Overlays / Acrylic Panel / IMD(In-Mold Decoration)
/ Capative Membrane Switch / Metal Dome Switch Array manufacturing services
for global customers. we have independently developed online order system
and CRM management system, which can realize online instant quotation, online order, with a series of
advanced features such as online payment, online query of production progress, and express tracking.

Product Display

JRPanel provide global customers with professional reference opinions and high-quality product selection,
Let customers get the best cost-effective products

Online Order Process

The exclusive online instant quote system, which is different from the traditional file inquiry.
The online quotation greatly shortens the problem of slow quotation in the membrane switch & graphic overlay industries.
It is also convenient for engineers to independently calculate price costs.

JRPanel Online Order Process

Our Advantage

JRPanel advocate technological innovation and give full play to the leading role of new technologies in business operations.
We are our responsibility to meet the various needs of customers and provide customers with high-quality support and services.

Online Quick Quotation
JRPanel independently develops an online quoting and ordering system. Customers can submit product parameters online and check the price immediately , which is very conveniently and quickly.
Rich Experience
JRPanel has been engaged in this industry for many years and we are a professional manufacturer with complete equipment, strict management and excellent quality.
Diversified Product Manufacturing Capabilities
Complete product types, covering membrane switch & graphic overlay, IMD(In-Mold Decoration), Capative Membrane Switch, Metal Dome Switch Array; Meeting high standards of global customers.
High Process Capability
Minimum tolerance -0.1~-0.2mm. Membrane Switch can reach up to 8 layers, which can meet various needs of customers
Fast Delivery
From order to payment, fast production and fast delivery
Perfect Production System
From material procurement, production, testing, finished product storage to after-sales, each process is carefully and meticulously, to prevent defective products from being issued.

Wide Application

JRPanel products are widely used in high-tech fields such as communications, power supplies, computer networks, digital products,
industrial control, science and education, medical care, aerospace, and national defense.

JRPanel Wide Application
Power Supply
Digital Product
Science &

Well-known Cooperative Customers

Establish good cooperative relations with various industries, and realize long-term and strategic cooperative
development relations based on a high degree of mutual trust